The honeymoon of your dreams!

In We know how important a honeymoon trip is for a newly-wedded couple and so, we offer the best exclusive advantages in booking the trip of your life. We leave nothing to chance so that you only have to worry about enjoying each and every moment of your honeymoon.

A honeymoon is a unique experience and for many, it is the first great journey of their life.

Get the most romantic honeymoon with Destination Waves!

Destination Waves is the ideal place to plan an unforgettable honeymoon experience in the most exotic beaches or in the most idyllic corners of the world. We plan your honeymoon trip in such a way that it is different and special. We offer the best hotels, serene beaches for you to relax and tours that will make your honeymoon unforgettable for the rest of your life.

We can also arrange your wedding at a resort and make reservations for your guests at special rates.

All our packages are personal, many of them can be adapted to your liking and optional extensions can be added to your honeymoon trips. Select the destination where you want to spend an idyllic honeymoon and consult our Honeymoon Manual or request advice from our representatives to plan an ideal honeymoon and have a romantic experience!

Our packages offer additional services for honeymooners at no extra cost. They are valid only for honeymooners and are based upon the condition of submission of a marriage certificate. Many of these packages are also valid for wedding anniversary celebrations or renewal of vows.

Honeymoon packages tailored to your budget

We advise you to put the trip of your dreams from start to finish in our very capable hands! We offer payment facilities with or without a card. We offer layaway too.

Our Benefits

1.Customized Packages

We offer travel packages and deals for honeymoons suitable for all budgets. All our packages are fully modifiable for the honeymooners with options of economic or luxury hotels with combinations of additional services.

2.Advice from start to finish

Forget planning! We offer appropriate options and perform all necessary arrangements for your arrival. Your only worry is to enjoy and live the honeymoon of your dreams!

3.Payment facilities

We offer layaway facilities too. Book your honeymoon package with us now! We propose a flexible payment plan for the comfort of all our customers so that they can plan and travel stress-free with us.

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